In January 2016, Skip & Zack of Two Up Productions (and NYU friends) approached me to see if I was at all interested in turning their idea – about a married couple on the verge of divorce that salvages/destroys their relationship by asking one another 36 Questions – into a podcast musical.

People had tried to make a musical podcast before, but it hadn’t quite been cracked. They thought that with my background telling stories in Chamber Band that I might have some idea of how to do it. (I didn’t.) But I was willing to give it a shot. And the first thought was – can we get Ellen Winter in on this?

Cut ahead 16 months and we’re in the studio, actually making the thing. Along the way we’d made a pilot, then scrapped 99% of it. I quit my job. We brought in every other member of Chamber Band to participate, along with superstar talents Jessie Shelton and Jonathan Groff (of Frozen, Looking, Hamilton, etc) to play the wife and husband. A duck was added. We wrote 13 songs.

In the end we made something unique and beautiful, with a message about love and truth and identity that I can’t quite shake. But most importantly, I think we showed that the million dollar answer to the million dollar question of “Can this work?” should always be, “Let’s find out!”

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