Between writing gigs I design web sites via WordPress. I use this platform because it’s intuitive for my clients, and it’s important to me that they be able to successfully manage their own domains once I’ve finished creating them — should they want to.

Every time I create a site, I simultaneously create infrastructure that allows my clients to see what exactly they’re being billed for, and gives them access to everything I create, so that they’re never left helpless or without what they need when I’m done.

It often will cost between 3-5k to have a decent looking website made for you. Every site below was made in under three weeks, for under $2k.

So if you’re looking to have a great looking website without spending a ton of cash on it, I’m your guy. Hit me up on my Contact page for a detailed quote.


A album-listening experience, updated weekly

Journalist and musician Tris McCall hit me up with a crazy idea: could he create an album website based around geography? From there, McCall’s Almanac was born. I’m responsible for the design and the implementation. As a bonus: I created it in such an intuitive way that Tris can update it weekly himself.


Selling artist retreats in the desert

This is the site for a company I co-founded. I’ve always loved getting the hell out of Dodge from time to time so I can focus on a single project, and thought — hell, why not turn that into a service I can offer other people?


Restaurant in Jerome, Arizona

My good friends Mark and Kelsi own this cafe in Jerome, Arizona and needed tourists to be able to browse their menu. This was the first breakfast menu I’d ever built! (Memories…) I also designed that white and gold and black logo you see above — based off one they had given me.


Independent Law Firm in Phoenix, Arizona

Hey, that’s my dad! I was visiting with him and he was saying how much he wished he had something that potential clients could look at after talking to them over the phone. I told him I could do it for under 1k, and was happy to deliver. I also coordinate his AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Avvo Account for a monthly retainer. I coordinated with a local photographer to get that photo snapped, then photoshopped it so that his tie matched the site colors.


Research Report on Personality Type and Political Preference

My girlfriend’s father runs a business based on Myers-Briggs personality type and wanted a clean-looking site that would showcase an argument for how personality type affects political preference. I worked with him on creating visually arresting graphs, and built this site from a free WordPress theme.