In late 2014, my former NYU college roommate Zack “Spooky Guy” Akers traded me a $12 cheeseburger for my thoughts on a script of his called Limetown. It was basically The X-Files meets Serial, before Serial was a thing, and it – like pretty much everything else I’d ever read of his – was a work of goddamned genius.

As I recall, the conversation was pretty much me saying “This script is approaching the event horizon of perfect, Zack, and you really shouldn’t touch it… BUT if you wanted to go even crazier, I suppose you could do this and that, here and there, but ONLY IF YOU REALLY WANT TO.”

A year later, the pilot is the hottest thing in the world – next to Chris Pratt and bunsen burners – and I’m granted the opportunity to sit in with Zack (and the podcast’s rockstar co-creator Skip “Also Spooky” Bronkie) on story meetings.

Following that, seemingly impressed by my abilities to make up spooky-scaries on the fly, the team asked me to write episode four, which I’ve linked below.

Enjoy, and consider donating to Lia’s cause!

Listen to my episode of Limetown.