Chamber Band "Careers" (2015)

12 songs about work and competition set in the world of The Hunger Games

Written and recorded by Chamber Band in 2014 and 2015, in equal parts capitol and country. 

Music by Anthony Cerretani, Chris Littler, Sam Monaco, A.Sarr, and Ellen Winter, with additional parts below. Mike Flannery workshopped and arranged all of the songs and did the remix of "Old Enough." Ellen & A.Sarr arranged the horns on ”Victory Tour”, “All Propo”, “Careers”, “In the Colosseum” & “Avox." Lyrics by Chris Littler & Ellen Winter, with the exception of “In the Colosseum”, which was written by Tom Waits & Kathleen Brennan, and “One Headlight”, which was written by Jakob Dylan. Kelly Tieger gave us a lyrical assist on “Old Enough." 

Anthony Cerretani performed the bass guitar and the Grendel Drone Commander; Chris Littler sang vocals, played acoustic and electric guitar; Sam Monaco performed the drums and other various percussive devices; A.Sarr performed electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Rhodes, & piano; Ellen Winter sang vocals and played piano; Mike Flannery performed violin, addtl. guitars, synths, bells, tambourine, clapped, added noise, and sang backup vox. Eric “the Tait” Tait performed that wack-nasty trumpet, with Pete Creekmore on the flute and saxophone, and Rafael Davila on tuba. 

Tracked by Eric Tait and Mike Flannery at The Farm Studio in rural Pennsylvania. Essential guitar advice came from Stephen Maxwell. Solid vibes and long nights of M:tG provided exclusively by The Tait. Additional tracking by Mike Flannery at Bass Hit Studio, in NYC. 

Mixed by Mike Flannery. Mastered by Michelle Mancini at The Mastering Palace, in NYC. Original cover image is by Jason Alexander Byers, with a few tweaks by Sam Monaco & Chris Littler. 

Produced by Chris Littler & Mike Flannery. Co-produced by A.Sarr, w/ Chamber Band. 


Photo by Rae Clarke Hendel, 2015

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Copyright Chris Littler. Site by Tuckleberry.