Chamber Band "Governor's Square" (2017)

11 songs set in the world of The Time Machine and The Invisible Man, both by H.G. Wells

These songs were constructed in the spring of ’16 by a select team of music professionals and audio tinkerers. Guitars and vocals were tracked in a big house in sunny Burbank with two cats and a Lucy. Piano, select percussion and ambient sound were tracked at Pipes Canyon Lodge in Pipes Canyon, California. Bass was recorded in Anthony’s bedroom in Echo Park. Additional percussion was recorded at Spaceworks in Williamsburg. Some songs were workshopped at the Dramatist’s Guild in New York City. 

Endless thanks to our Los Angeles family who opened up their homes and hearts to us while we made this machine together: namely Steve and Pamela Molton, Andrea Finlayson, Adam Bowers & Whitney Teubner & Barb, Chris Milliken, Christina Reynoso, Andrew Disney, Monica Taylor Halchishick & Kyle Smith & Connor Wanless. A huge thank you to Raul Cuellar for bending his rules for us and upping our sound quality. Our New York team was also clutch, transmitting good vibes to us from (near and) afar: specifically Melanie Rose Thomas, Simon Ban, Kelly Tieger, and Bella Esser. This album is dedicated to Aunt Judy. 

Chamber Band is Anthony Cerretani, A.Sarr, Chris Littler, Sam Monaco, and Ellen Winter.

Produced by Charles Wanless, Chris Littler, and A.Sarr 
Engineered by Charles Wanless 
Mixed by Charles Wanless 
Mastered by Gentry Studer at Epicenter Mastering 
Artwork by Nick Greenwald 
Art templating, fonts and inside cover by Aaron Nestor 

All songs written by Chamber Band, with the exception of “The Man at the Top of the Stairs”, which was written by Kelly Tieger. 

On these tracks Anthony and Chris took turns playing Kelly’s old acoustic guitar. A.Sarr and Ellen traded off playing the upright at Pipes. A.Sarr snuck in five chords on electric guitar. Sam and A.Sarr handled all the percussion, both digital and real. Anthony took over on broom and bass. It was delightful. 

All lyrics written by Chris Littler & Ellen Winter, with “MATOTS” as the sole exception. Lyrics to that song were cowritten by Chris Littler & Kelly Tieger & Ellen Winter. 

Critical funding provided by superfriends Mark Scheppe & Gene Wulff

Additional funding from our fanbase via Kickstarter. Thanks y’all. <3


Photo by Sam Monaco, 2015

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Copyright Chris Littler. Site by Tuckleberry.